Research Grant Schemes

The Tertiary Education Commission launched a Research Grant Scheme in 2009/10 inviting candidates of Mauritian Nationality who have more than 30 years experience in specific fields to conduct research.

The Research Grant Scheme aims at promoting the diversity and regeneration of research. This scheme is not only open to postgraduate degree holders, but also to persons of Mauritian nationality who have more than 30 years experience in the field to be researched. Under this scheme, financial support is provided to people who want to use their experience and contribute to research.

  1. TEC advertises for Research Grant Scheme
  2. Applicants have to show evidence of having more than 30 years of experience in the field of research
  3. Applicants must submit their research proposal
  4. An Assessment Panel for Research Grant Scheme chaired by the Executive Director of TEC examines applications
  5. The Sub-Committee on Research chaired by Hon. Judge Domah considers the selection made by the Assessment Panel for Research Grant Scheme
  6. The Sub-Committee on Research makes recommendations to TEC Board.
  7. The TEC Board approves the recommendation of the Sub-Committee on Research.

Format of Project Description

Cover Sheet

This gives basic information on the project. The title of the project should not exceed thirty words, be scientifically or technically valid, intelligible to a scientifically or technically literate reader and suitable for use in the public press.

Project Summary

This should be a technical abstract of the proposal not to exceed one page. The proposal must contain a summary of the proposed activity, of not more than one page in length. The summary should be a self-contained description of the activity written in the third person and include a statement of objectives, methods to be employed and the potential impact of the project. It should be informative to other persons working in the same or related fields and understandable to a scientifically or technically literate lay reader.

Project Justification

Make a clear statement of the specific research problem or opportunity to be addressed and its importance. Describe the overall background and technical approach to the problem or opportunity and how the proposed research will provide the anticipated results. Highlight the innovativeness and originality of the research. State the anticipated results and potential commercial applications (if any) should the research be successful, including the significance of the research base to attract follow-up investment, and stimulate or achieve innovation. Indicate if any clearance or authorisation is required before undertaking the research.

Project Description

The project description is consisted of a maximum of 15 pages. This should be the main body of the proposal and should outline the general plan of the proposed work (e.g. objectives, issues to be addressed, scope of work and activities to be undertaken, methodology, relevance to national objectives, current state of knowledge in the field, output expected, etc. Each item of information should be typed with an appropriate heading.

Project Activities, Cost Components and Milestones

The proposal shall include a detailed justification and breakdown of activities over the duration of the project together with the various items of expenditure (cost components). Project milestones will have to be identified for reporting and monitoring purposes.

Activities and Cost Components

The research proposal is required to be split into a maximum of 10 activities representing the critical steps of the project. The duration of each activity will normally be from one month to six months.

The total cost associated with any activity must be broken down into a maximum of ten predefined cost items. Full justification for each item of expenditure should be provided.

The Project Scheduling and Cost Breakdown Form should be used to summarise activity details and cost components.

Prior Research Work

The Candidate should describe and provide proof of his experience relating to the proposed research work and any related work already in progress.

The Candidate should, as far as possible, ensure that the proposed research does not duplicate work in progress or done elsewhere. A literature review or a patent search report may be included.

References Cited

Reference information is required. Each reference must include the title, name of authors in the same sequence in which they appear in the publication, book or journal, volume number, page numbers and year of publication. Candidates should be especially careful to follow accepted scholarly practices in providing citations for source materials relied upon when preparing any section of the proposal.


A maximum of Rs 200,000 is granted per project.


The maximum duration to complete the project is 2 years.